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Scientific Programme

The scope of this international symposium is broadly within a domain of new challenges, recent progress and emerging ideas in the fields of advanced heat treatment. Should also offer an opportunity to examine the present state and perspectives in theory and practice of heat treatment and surface engineering of metals. Various R&D efforts related to heat treatment and surface engineering will be covered at the symposium.


Main Topics:

  1. Microstructure conversion

  2. Mechanical, physical and tribological properties

  3. Advanced heat treating manufacturing processes

  4. Vacuum heat treatment

  5. Cryogenic treatment and tempering process

  6. Bainitizing

  7. Induction and low energy magnetic heating

  8. Quenchants and quenching technology

  9. Heat treating equipment

  10. Application of nanotechnology

  11. Mathematical modelling and process simulation

  12. Green energy and carbon footprint

  13. Surface preparation techniques

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